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"Tami is fantastic to work with! She is a strong communicator, trainer, and marketing guru, who is able to proficiently break marketing processes down to the granular, step-by-step, providing clarification and simplicity. I highly recommend Tami to anyone looking to implement effective marketing strategies through LinkedIn! "
- Liz Capants


A message from Tami:

“When you learn, teach. When you get, give." - Dr. Maya Angelou

Joe and I are both lifelong learners. I spent 10 years in college earning my Ph.D. in Applied Mathematical Neuroscience, and Joe has spent 20+ years in the school of hard-knocks called real-life entrepreneurship. I joined the world of entrepreneurship immediately after school. Together, Joe and I have 30+ years of experience in selling, marketing, branding, building, and booming businesses. 

If you are here, you probably are familiar with Joe, but not me. That will soon change, hopefully.

Until recently, I always thought "everyone knows what I know."  Through working with Joe over the last few years, I realize that people don't know what I know and even if they do, we all benefit from repetition—learning the same concepts over and over until they become a part of you. It is this last concept that finally got me to change my mind. As Dr. Maya Angelou said above, "when you learn, teach."  Well, I've been learning for 30+ years so far! I've got a lot to teach, so I decided to partner with Joe to create this course and share our valuable and hard-learned lessons, insight, tips, tricks, experience, and general knowledge. 

In the spirit of the second half of Dr. Angelou's lesson—when you get, give—a portion of your subscription will be donated to the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE). 

The Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship started in New York City in 1987. Founder Steve Mariotti, a former South Bronx math teacher, aimed to prevent at-risk kids from dropping out of school, and he quickly found that those very students had "street smarts" that translated well to entrepreneurship. NFTE now works in low-income areas around the world. Its programs include high school entrepreneurship classes, summer programs, and camps. The classes culminate in class-wide business-plan pitch competitions--the winners go on to regional contests and then, if they qualify, a national one. Advisers to the group include heavy hitters such as LinkedIn's Reid Hoffman and Shark Tank's Daymond John.

Thank you for letting us help you and thank you for helping us help others.

We look forward to serving you! 

- Tami Joy Schlichter

Image: Tami Joy Schlichter (left), Joe Apfelbaum (right) <= That's obvious, right? 

We are an online training company that will teach you how to go from an Order Taker to a Rainmaker on LinkedIn. Our goal is to train 1 million professionals on how to master their organic reach on LinkedIn.


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