About Social Sellin'

We are an online training company that will teach you how to go from an Order Taker to a Rainmaker on LinkedIn. With the Social Sellin and Sales CURE courses, our goal is to train 1 million professionals how to master their organic reach on LinkedIn, generate leads, and close deals. 


"Do you want to learn how to leverage the power of Linkedin for your business? If so, Joe is the man. For the past week, I have been watching Joe's SocialSellin' video tutorials, and I am deeply impressed with his insights and expertise. I have tried other Linkedin training programs, but after watching his Brandin', Buildin', and Boomin' approach, I really wish I had known about Joe a year ago before I dumped $1,997 on a competitor's training program.

Joe's program is not only detailed, but he clearly practices what he preaches. His insights and ideas clearly come from experience. I'm really glad I watched Joe's webinar if you have a chance, I highly recommend you do so as well, and then go sign up at SocialSellin.com so you can start putting Joe's genius to work.

Thanks Joe!"

- Bryon McCartney


"Tami is fantastic to work with! She is a strong communicator, trainer, and marketing guru, who is able to proficiently break marketing processes down to the granular, step-by-step, providing clarification and simplicity. I highly recommend Tami to anyone looking to implement effective marketing strategies through LinkedIn! " 
Liz Capants



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