What can a Virtual Admin do for you on LinkedIn?

virtual admin Mar 10, 2019

We are all limited on time. If you want to get more done, you must rely on other people to help you.

When I explored the most common self-limiting beliefs that small business owners had around growing their business and what was stopping them, I found three beliefs.

I talk about this when I give my talk on the seven stages to seven figures.

One of those self-limiting beliefs is around TRUST.

We want a guarantee that things will go a certain way but trust is not a guarantee. Trust means that you realize that something might go wrong, yet you trust that people or systems will do their best to do what was promised.

You either have trust in someone or in a system, or you do not have trust.  

The best way to trust people is to give them things that they will excel at with minimal error.

When I was thinking of what I can give my virtual admins to help me on LinkedIn, I realized that creating content was NOT one of them.

Why? Because no one can really capture your voice. You will never be fully satisfied with your own writing, how can you ever expect to be satisfied with anyone else's writing on your behalf?

Just like no one can be a replacement for you for all aspects of your personal relationships, it's the same with the relationships you have with your clients and potential clients.

Think about this: your partner asks you to come home and have dinner with them and you send your admin instead. How do you think that will go? 

Yes, there are many things that YOU MUST DO YOURSELF. But not everything! 

What if your partner wants the lightbulb changed? I doubt they will care if you hire an assistant to do it, or if you do it yourself.  

Below are some things that you CAN outsource on LinkedIn while limiting the problems you will face. There is never a guarantee that there will be zero problems because things can always go wrong when you are getting other people to help you.

Human beings make human errors, after all. 

12 Daily Tasks you can delegate to an admin on LinkedIn:

  • Check your LinkedIn messages each morning and compile a list of messages that need your attention in dashboard, respond to the ones that do not need your attention with a pre-approved message.
  • See who viewed your profile. If it looks like a prospect checked out your profile and you are not connected with them, send them a connection request and thank them for checking out your profile with a pre-approved message.
  • Review recent posts, proof read, and edit. Document recent posts in your activity dashboard so that you can review it later. Note how many views each post has.
  • Go back to the your 10 posts and check to see if any new comments were left that need to be Liked or Responded to. Use approved comment responses to answer back or compile a list of comments that need your attention and response in the dashboard.
  • Check notifications for recent birthdays, anniversaries, new job announcements. Send a message to the people in your network with approved messages. Document this in your connections dashboard or CRM.
  • Send THANK YOU messages to current connections that checked out your profile with approved messages. Review to make sure that it makes sense to do that if we did not communicate in a while.
  • Remove expired connections that did not approve the connection request in over two weeks from your sent connections page.
  • Thank recent connections for connecting with approved messages. Make sure to read previous messages and be relevant.
  • Send out new connection requests to second degree connections a specific target market in a specific geographic area with a specific pre-approved message.
  • Search for relevant content with pre-approved keywords and comment and like posts that are popular to stay top of mind with connections and other LinkedIn members. Use pre-approved comments only for this.
  • Endorse connections from your connections dashboard that are ready to be endorsed for one skill. Note in connections dashboard that they were endorsed by you.
  • Browse profiles of top connections from the connections dashboard and make sure you stay top of mind with them by liking a post of theirs that has no engagement.

Here are 3 things an admin can do for you...but this stuff can get tricky...

  • Send direct messages to your connections using pre-approved messages to get them on the phone with you. Make sure you are both on the same page with who should be getting what messages and what the campaign looks like.
  • Post content to your profile with pre-approved content that is being repurposed from your blog or from other places online in your asset library.
  • Leave comments on other people's updates letting them know that you are checking out their content. For your top connections only.

As with anything that you have an admin do for you, you must meet with your admin at least once a month if not once a week and have a strategy session showing them what is working and what is not working. Telling them where they excelled and where they went wrong.

You must be monitoring your results and fixing problems by improving your dashboards and playbook.

If you want to learn how to create your own strategy, join our Social Sellin’ System and get all the frameworks, dashboards, strategies and cheat sheets you need to do this correctly.

If you're already a member and want to sign up for Virtual Admin services, you can do so from your library


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