Tip Tuesday - What do I do if someone harasses me on LinkedIn?

tip tuesday Jul 30, 2019

I get harassed all the time on LinkedIn and there are just trolls. There are people that are trolls. The way that they harass me on LinkedIn is by leaving negative comments on my posts and I really, really, really don't like it. So, I heard an Influencer say that he basically just deletes the comment. He doesn't even engage with them because what they're looking for is attention. That's what they're looking for. So, I think that that's a fine thing to do. I think it's OK to delete a negative comment. I also like blocking a person. So, for example, this guy Robert Stern said something that's super negative, I will click More and then I will just simply either remove the connection or I will block them so I don't see them ever again. Once in a while, you see people that are harassing you, it's OK to block someone on LinkedIn.



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