Tip Tuesday - How can I make sure I do not get banned from sending connection

tip tuesday Jul 16, 2019

When you're sending connection requests on LinkedIn, there's actually a limit, to how many pending requests you can have at any one given time. So, there are 4,336 people waiting to connect with me, but there are also people that I'm waiting for them to connect with me, to accept my connection. So if you click on Manage all, you click on My Network, and you click on Manage all, you will see both people that you received invitations from, but you'll also see people that you have sent invitations to. And as you could see, I have sent invitations at 2,057 people that I'm waiting for them to accept my connection requests. So I can easily withdraw this by clicking on the Withdraw button over here. So the COO of Goldman Sachs Asset Management, he has not accepted my connection request, so I'm gonna go ahead and withdraw that. And as you can see, there are many people that I haven't accepted yet. The easy way for me to do this is I can just select 100 at a time and press Withdraw. And then I'll clear this up. I don't like having more than 1,500 people that I'm waiting to connect with. And I usually go back a few days. So I'll scroll down 100 at a time, I'll go down to let's say, page 21. And then I'll say okay, these people from five days ago, they haven't accepted yet, I'm just gonna withdraw these right here. Then I'm gonna withdraw these and as you can see, it's really really quick. You can get down, this is from a month ago. I'm gonna quickly withdraw these. And as you can see, I'm quickly withdrawing all these invitations from people that haven't accepted yet.


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