Tip Tuesday - How can I get the attention of a super busy CEO or Influencer on LinkedIn?

tip tuesday Jul 09, 2019

If you're looking for the CEO of LinkedIn, and you wanna have a relationship with the CEO of LinkedIn, chances are, through the LinkedIn platform it's gonna be very hard to build an actual relationship with the CEO of LinkedIn because he has almost 10 million followers and gets tons of solicitations. What I like to do is, I like to see who else people are also looking at. I like to find who their assistants are, and I like to email them, contact them, maybe through Twitter, maybe through Facebook, maybe through other platforms where they're not as busy and you can actually get through to them. If you have an influencer who's really, really a celebrity on one platform, chances are, they're not such a big celebrity on another platform, and you can actually access them, or access their assistants through another platform. It's relatively easy to get his email address, so I would say I'd rather email him than send him a message or try to connect with him on LinkedIn.



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