Tip Tuesday - Does it matter if you post to LinkedIn from your phone or from a desktop computer?

tip tuesday Jun 25, 2019

Does it matter if you post to LinkedIn from your phone versus your laptop versus a tablet? Does the exposure of your post change?


I have seen that when I post videos from my phone, the videos get more views than when I'm posting them from my desktop, but I don't know if that's necessarily a fact. It might be based on the video, based on the time of the day. I haven't see a correlation between posting from your phone and posting from your computer. I think that people should mix it up. They should post sometimes from their phone, sometimes from their computer, sometimes from a automation tool like Buffer or like Hootsuite and they should mess around with it and sometimes, I post the same thing to test out and there isn't really much of a difference but I know that when I post from my phone, I'm on the go, and I like posting all the time. My thing is post as often as you can post and you'll get the exposure that you need. So, for me, it's about posting more frequently.


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