LinkedIn Influencer Summit 2019 Takeaways - Organic Reach Hacks on LinkedIn

What happens when you put 8 major Linkedin Influencers on a 3-hour webinar and 500 people sign up to watch? You get MASSIVE VALUE!

Yesterday, Jan 15th, 2019, we had a fabulous Virtual event with some incredible experts on how to leverage the organic reach on LinkedIn. We covered some pretty advanced stuff like how to make videos go viral, how to be authentic, how to play with the algorithm - and different people had different approaches.

Here are a few tips from each person; please leave your notes in the comments and I will add them to this document so we can all enjoy.

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First, we had Dennis Brown he gave us his 9 steps to success. Here are some takeaways.

  • Post relevant content and STOP using auto-posting tools.
  • 80% of your content should have nothing to do with your business but instead can be about what people are interested in.
  • Only 20% of your content should be about your own business and what you do.
  • Post once a day and keep mixing it up. Entertainment and Information need the right mix of content.
  • Best time to post is 830am EST to 11am EST or 1pm EST to 3pm EST because if you are targeting the US, 80% of the population lives in the central and eastern time zones.
  • Weekends are a great time to post because most people are not posting.
  • When you connect with someone, say THANK YOU for connecting. Most connections never send Dennis a message. MISSED OPP!


Then we had Estie Rand who talked about her 30 in 30 programs and she showed us what she does for her clients to get results and grow to 10k followers quickly.

  • Update your profile photo, background photo, headline, summary and experience.
  • Post great, valuable content on a regular basis. Spend 30 minutes a day.
  • Engage in the comments and get to know your connections.
  • DM your pitch to a new connection.
  • When you connect with people, do it quickly and do not bother adding a message to the connect. JUST GO CRAZY on your phone and get to 10k followers.
  • Use filters in search to find people you want to connect with.
  • Look at other people's connections and snag their connections.
  • When Estie Connects with someone she sends them a soft pitch! Especially if they asked to connect.


Next was Chris Williams who talked about authenticity and he broke down how he made over 100k with just 77 pounds in spending.

  • Authenticity is the key to success on social media.
  • Be the same person online as you are offline.
  • The algorithm has three parts for each post: Clear, Low Quality and Spam.
  • Do not worry about Likes, just be REAL.
  • Writing content is about starting with a hook, telling a story, and ending with an open-ended question.
  • If you do not have ideas for personal stories do a LIFELINE exercise, this will help you identify the best stories of your life.


We also had Shay Rowbottom, who is the Viral video expert, share her tips on how to make videos take off.

  • Videos get the most exposure. LinkedIn video is the key right now.
  • Do not start a video with introducing the video, GET TO THE ACTION right away.
  • MEAT is what people want to see… GIVE THEM MEAT!!!
  • The video posts are here to stay, make a relevant headline, don't forget the subtitles and keep it short
  • 85% of people watch videos without sound. ADD TEXT!
  • Prediction is that LinkedIn will add a video tab on your profile soon.


Joe Apfelbaum presented his LinkedIn Authority Blueprint and his keys to success on LinkedIn so you can go from a Lurker to an Influencer.

  • Energy without Strategy is a waste of time.
  • Where focus goes, Energy Flows!
  • You must set your goals if you want to grow your business.
  • Learn who is the best target market for your business and focus.
  • Get your message right and solve problems for your clients.
  • Build an asset library so you stop dabbling and start doing.
  • Create a content Calendar with all the ideas for 90 days.
  • Understand how important Profile views are and how to leverage them.


Cory Warfield explained how he is making millions on LinkedIn and spends many hours each day in the comments and manually connects with 5000 people a day!

  • Perfection is the enemy of progress + make unique tags for people.
  • Connect with influencers on other social media platforms to get their attention.
  • Comment on their content and mention people that are relevant. Like Cory mentions Joe when he needs a LinkedIn or marketing expert to weigh in.
  • Influencers will notice you when you are constantly commenting on their content.
  • The magic happens in the comments. Be in the comments Every day!
  • Do a search, find an influencer at a company, FOLLOW, DO NOT CONNECT with their content, start engaging and commenting on EVERYTHING they do and eventually they will send you a connection request... 90% of the time. THEN ask to get on the phone with them because THEY CONNECTED WITH YOU! BOOM.


Kendra Ramerez talked about her approach as a Fortune 500 sales leader and why she has not had to make a sales call since 2004 when she went all in to LinkedIn and took a risk.

  • Teach, don't pitch. - Education based marketing is the best way to close deals.
  • She goes into companies and teaches them how to use LinkedIn.
  • Check your social selling index, She has an 85. She has never seen more than 82.
  • Use the LinkedIn Nearby Feature to get to learn about people that you meet in person.
  • Network like crazy and build REAL relationships!


Finally, we had Hacker Eli Hochberg 💡 talk about his experience with writing content and how the algorithm is working these days to get the most bang for your buck.

  • Do not worry about Views. Instead concern yourself about LIKES and Comments, that is a real indicator of success.
  • He sold 3000 people his course, and LinkedIn really works - you can use it to grow your business online.
  • Tell stories and connect with people, everyone has something to share that has value.
  • If you're REALLY looking for ideas to post you'll see it everywhere + find out whom you targeting, follow them, engage in their posts so they'll get to know you.
  • If a Troll leaves a comment that you do not like... DELETE IT. This is a private network and you get to delete whatever you want! Also, it took them 5 minutes to spew their CRAP and you just deleted it with a Boop... HAHAHA


Wow, those three hours were a whirlwind and I am still taking it all in.


Seriously, LEAVE A COMMENT with your takeaways… Come on, go and do it!


Special Thanks to Estie Rand for working with me at the conference and for having her team spend so much time making it work.


Special thanks to Yosef Fisher for making the click funnels magic work and for setting up the landing pages and tracking the results.


This was a total success on all fronts! Amazing!


Joe Apfelbaum

Ajax Union - B2B Digital Marketing Agency


PS: Sign up for the replay of our LinkedIn Authority Blueprint webinar at - It's a must watch if you want to learn how to create a marketing strategy on LinkedIn. There are three simple steps and we break it down.


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Seriously, LEAVE A COMMENT with your takeaways… Come on, go and do it!


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